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Wald Twin Rear Carrier Basket 535 Zinc Plated Finish XL

Artículo número::535
EAN: 0046307535005
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Wald Twin Rear Carrier Basket 535 Zinc Plated Finish XL
Wald Twin Rear Carrier Basket 535 Zinc Plated Finish XL

The Wald big boy rear twin carrier offers tremendous amounts of cargo capacity.

The 535 Twin Rear Carrier Basket lets you haul a reusable grocery bag in each basket with room to spare. With mounting points at both the seat stays and near the rear axle, you can haul more groceries, gear, or anything else you need to with less impact on your bicycle's handling.

By placing the bulk of your load around the rear wheel, you increase your bicycle's stability. This allows you to carry your groceries, gear, computer, or backpack with greater comfort and ease.
  • Made in U.S.A. (Maysville, KY)
  • These are 1-piece twin carrier baskets designed to fit on rear of the bicycle
  • Baskets are 7 1/4 side to side x 18" front to back and 11" deep (18cm x 46cm x 28cm)
  • Rack is 5" x 16" (13cm x 41cm)
  • Baskets taper to 5" x 16" at the bottom
  • Baskets can be mounted to frame eyelets or use the supplied mounting bracket
  • Legs have two axle mounting holes and one small hole to mount to the eyelet
  • Complete basket with fittings weighs 7.2 lbs.

43,86 EUR
incl. 16 % UST

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