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Liix Handlebar Vase Bamboo Display Equipped W/ 12 Vases

Artículo número::7109
EAN: 2500000058783
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Liix Handlebar Vase Bamboo Display Equipped W/ 12 Vases
Liix Handlebar Vase Bamboo Display Equipped W/ 12 Vases

POS display w/ 12 beautiful handlebar vases

The lovely wooden vase will be attached to a bike's handlebar w/ a sturdy elastic band. If you like to make your green form of transportation even greener, you can carry a small bunch of flowers in this chic Chinese cherrywood handlebar vase. The handmade item carries flowers w/ a two-wheeler, and if there is no fresh flower available the included artificial flower can be used.

Increase your sales numbers w/ this beautiful display that will immediately catch your customers' eyes!

  • Cardboard display equipped w/ 12 handlebar vases w/ the following specs:
  • Material: Chinese cherrywood, lacquered
  • Weather resistant
  • Fits all handlebars
  • Easy attachment to handlebars w/ incl. rubber band, no extra tools required
  • Flowers and water held in place by a small integral tube
  • Artificial flower incl.
  • Height: 15cm
  • Diameter: 3.5cm
  • Colour: yellow

150,89 EUR
incl. 16 % UST

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